About Me



My name is Tyke Jones and I live in the wonderful, beautiful, and foggy city of San Francisco. By trade I do web design and development, but cooking is my passion. I have a great flat in the booming neighborhood of NOPA, home to many fantastic restaurants, bars, brewpubs, and of course taquerias!

Originally from Napa, I grew up with a great appreciation for good food. However, I first really got into cooking it myself about 15 years ago, after I graduated from college and move to San Francisco. I was living by myself in a small studio and the person who lived there before me had a subscription to Bon Appétit magazine. So I started to read them, and a lot of the recipes looked really good. I mean, really good. Well the cocky twenty something guy in me said, “I can do that!”

So I made a deal with myself that I would cook at least 2 recipes out of each issue. However, before you knew it, I was doing 2 a week. From there it all kind of snowballed, and I have been cooking ever since. I have no formal training, just an arrogant attitude towards it all.

I am married with a 3-year-old son, Marshall. He’s great. He loves to help dad in the kitchen, where I spend most of my free time coincidently. While I currently eat anything, my wife if vegan, so I do cook a lot of plant based recipes. Recently I have been pretty obsessed with the Thug Kitchen Cookbook. The recipes are fantastic and I am a big fan of swear words damn it!

My neighbor downstairs is also vegan, and a personal vegan chef. Lately, I have been pitching in and helping her do events and pop ups around San Francisco.   I will be sure to post them here for anyone who is interested.

That is all for now, I will probably update this bio as I move along with this blog. But as it stands now, this is new, I am new to this, so this is where I leave you!

Hope you enjoy my post and like what you’re eating!